fija Token to Invest in DeFi Strategies

Discover the fija token, a tokenized security bond issued by fija Capital UG, enabling easy investment into DeFi strategies to earn yields on crypto. fija Capital issues fija tokens to raise capital for each strategy. Partners of fija Capital can list and sell these fija tokens.

Empower your customers to earn on their cryptocurrency holdings. Offer them a unique opportunity with our fija token, granting access to DeFi & full control over their investment.

Use Cases

Invest in DeFi yourself with the fija token

Earn high interests in the decentralized finance world by simply investing in your preferred DeFi strategy with fija tokens - compliant security tokens.

Broker the fija token to your Customers

Offer fija tokens to your customers, enabling them to easily earn on their cryptocurrency investments.


  • Make profits from your assets under management even when customers are not trading.
  • Compliant security token.
  • Share of profit through regular harvesting.
  • No counter party risk: You stay in control of your funds.
  • Instantly withdrawable.
  • Grow customer retention with a seamlessly integrated earn product that completes your offer.

What are DeFi Investment Strategies?

  • DeFi investment strategies leverage decentralized finance products on blockchain technology.
  • Investors can earn through lending, liquidity provision, and staking.
  • Examples include lending protocols like Aave and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as Uniswap.
  • Each strategy has a defined "deposit token" such as USDC or ETH.
  • Investors can invest their deposit token in the strategy by transferring funds to the smart contract.
  • These tokens are utilized for liquidity provision or staking within DeFi apps.
  • Predefined transactions are automated by smart contracts.
  • Investors can optimize profit potential while risks are managed for them.
  • All strategies have an estimated APY and a Safety Score, for easy assessment and overview.

The fija Utility Token

The fija token is a tokenized security bond according to German regulatory practice.

It represents the investor's right to repayment of the loan granted for the bond and grants sole technical access to the deposit at the same time.

The fija tokens increase in value over time as the strategy earns yields.

Seamless Integration with your Platform

1. Offer Strategies

• Select which strategies to offer.
• Integrate the strategies into your frontend.
• Accesss all information through one API.

2. Deposit in Strategies

• Whitelist wallets to allow interaction with strategy vault.
• Interact directly with our smart contract.
• Deposit funds for your customers.
• Receive and store the fija token.

3. Reporting

• Access all information on the performance of a strategy through our API.
• Provide individual reports for every customer.
• Display the performance to your customers in your design.

4. Withdraw from Strategies

• Withdraw funds from a strategy at any time.
• Withdrawal is only possible with the fija token.
• Interact directly with our smart contract for withdrawals.

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