DeFi strategies tailored for partner integration

DeFi experts develop decentralized earn strategies. fija Finance automates and tokenizes each strategy for it's subsidiary fija Capital, which then offers it to it's partners.
As a partner, you can select the strategies you want to offer to your customers.


Be the first to offer a trustless and compliant earn product while staying in full control of the customer flow.


Customer flow

The partner offers a Crypto Earn product by seamlessly integrating fija strategies & stays in control of the customer interface.

Customer gets the option to earn yields with his cryptos

Customer can select between strategies to deposit his cryptos

Customer can choose the amount to deposit

The partner transfers deposit to fija and receives strategy token

Advantages for you as a reseller

  • Make profits from your assets under management even when customers are not trading
  • Be one of the first to offer a decentral and trustless earn product
  • Grow customer retention with a seamless integrated earn product that completes your offer
  • Profit from individual and exclusive strategies that fija only develops and implements for you
  • Profit from an easy integration: fija will develop the API and smart contract interfaces for your specific needs
  • Profit from low costs: fija will not charge any integration costs
  • Profit from an exclusive support: Our product and developer team are working closely with you and are available for any questions

Easy integration for resellers in 4 steps

fija adopts the technical integration to the reseller's needs.

  1. Offer strategies
    • Select which strategies to offer
    • Integrate the strategies in your frontend
    • All information available in one API
  2. Deposit in strategies
    • Interact directly with our smart contract
    • Deposit funds for your customers
    • Receive and store the fija token
  3. Reporting
    • All information on the performance of a strategies in our API
    • Individual reports for every customer
    • Display the performance to your customer in your Design
  4. Withdraw from strategies
    • Funds can be withdrawn from a strategy anytime
    • Withdrawal only with a fija token
    • Interact directly with our smart contract to withdraw

The strategy

A strategy consists of predefined and automated transactions.

Every strategy is based on predefined "deposit tokens", e.g. USDC or ETH.

The deposit tokens are used e.g. for liquidity providing or staking within DeFi apps to generate a yield

The fija token

The fija token is the key to the customer's investment. Only those who own the fija token can access the investment.

The fija token is an ERC-20 token. Only whitelisted addresses are able to interact with the fija smart contract and respectively store the fija token.

The fija tokens increases in value over time as the strategy contract harvests fees. The investment tokens allocated to a fija token will therefore increase, and in return, the value of the fija token will increase.

What are DeFi investment strategies?

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. DeFi refers to financial products that are based on blockchain technology and are not centrally controlled by one company or person.

Any cryptocurrencies can be lent or provided to applications as liquidity, for example. The investor receives interest for this.

Examples of typical applications are the lending protocol Aave or the Decentral Exchange (DEX) Uniswap.

An investment strategy consists of a combination of transactions with various applications based on blockchain technology, so-called decentral Apps (dApps). The investment amount is thereby divided among the different applications to achieve the best possible profit/risk ratio.

To evaluate different investment strategies, fija developed a scoring system that gives information regarding security of the used blockchain and protrocols. Each strategy then gets its own safety score helping your customers select a strategy suitable for their risk appetite.

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